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Our School

Our School

Viva Brasil is exclusively dedicated to teach Portuguese to international students. Based on the communicative approach, our curriculum is developed in order to offer you the linguistic and cultural tools necessary to live in Brazil. The school is situated in Porto Alegre, the capital of the most southern Brazilian state, Rio Grande do Sul. The city has the peace of a small town combined with the conveniences of a metropolis.

Our main goal is to guide students to achieve communicative competence, by helping them to develop the necessary skills to interact in real life situations. Thus, the study of grammar and vocabulary is complemented by speaking activities that simulate everyday life situations.

Viva Brasil provides affordable tuitions and flexible courses. Students can control the intensity of their courses, managing their schedule according to their goals and availability. Besides that, our comprehensive calendar allows students to start a new course at any time. We don’t have fixed dates or schedules, so you can decide when to start, opting for instance to begin by taking a general Portuguese course, and then to progress to one of our special courses. Students can also count on our qualified and experienced teachers, who understand one’s urgency to learn and who work diligently to help students to progress and achieve their personal and professional goals.

We tutor at the school, in your company or at home.


Our teachers are qualified and have years of experience teaching Portuguese for international students.

Viva Brasil’s team strives to keep themselves updated regarding the most relevant issues concerning Brazilian culture, politics and economics, and classroom discussions are enriched by relating national issues to worldwide matters.